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Free Space Optical Services

NetStar Technologies' Free Space Optical (FSO) Services uses invisible beams of light to provide line-of-site optical bandwidth connections that can send and receive voice, video, and data information. The service is capable of sending up to 1.25 Gbps of data, voice, and video communications simultaneously through the air enabling fiber optic connectivity at the speed of light without requiring physical fiber optic cable.

How it Works 

Originally developed by the military and NASA, FSO technology is surprisingly simple. It's based on connectivity between FSO-based optical wireless units, each consisting of an optical transceiver with a transmitter and a receiver to provide full-duplex (bi-directional) capability. Each optical wireless unit uses an optical source, plus a lens or telescope that transmits light through the atmosphere to another lens receiving the information. At this point, the receiving lens or telescope connects to a high sensitivity receiver via optical fiber. This FSO technology has a number of advantages: 

  • Requires no RF spectrum licensing.
  • Is easily upgradeable.
  • Open Interfaces support equipment from a variety of vendors which helps enterprises and service providers protect their investment in embedded telecommunications infrastructures.
  • Requires no security software upgrades.
  • Is immune to radio frequency interference or saturation.
  • Can be deployed behind windows, eliminating the need for costly rooftop rights. 
NetStar's FSO optical wireless products are designed and engineered to work in any network topology, including point-to-point, mesh, point-to-multipoint, and ring with spurs. This simple approach provides Enterprises and Mobile Carriers the ability to easily build and extend networks that deliver fiber optic speeds. NetStar's FSO-based products enable cost-effective deployment and the highest throughput with same day connections possible from roof-to-roof, roof-to-window and window-to-window - all without tearing up streets and sidewalks. 


Enterprise and wireless service provider markets share a common challenge of addressing escalating need for improved communications infrastructure to accommodate new levels of network traffic while meeting the ever pressing business demands for greater operational efficiency. Enterprises and wireless service providers seek cost-effective, high-speed,  point-to-point connectivity solutions that meet three key network requirements:

  • Bandwidth
  • Availability
  • Distance
FSO outdoor wireless solutions deliver the optimal balance of these three requirements to provide LAN backbone connectivity in mission critical enterprise environments and backhaul applications for wireless service providers. 

Free Space Optical Services Installation

Installation of FSO laser units need to be considered carefully and requires correct planning or you will be left with an unstable link that will be up and down all the time. Site surveys are an essential part of the installation procedure to make sure that the correct equipment is used for a smooth installation. NetStar Technologies will conduct a Site Feasibility Study to determine the optimal transmission routes to best meet the customer's networking requirements. Our personnel will visit all sites, as well as any other available structures suitable for supporting FSO communications.  At each site the following will be evaluated: 

  • Line of sight
  • Existing LAN, video and/or voice facilities in place (hardware & cable)
  • FSO unit mount design and location
  • Cable type, length and routing
  • Desired location of indoor hardware
  • Security of the proposed FSO communications setup 
The exact GPS position of each location will be marked at both ends to work out the exact distance between the laser heads. This will ensure that the correct size unit is utilized for the distance. Height of the installation requirements are taken into consideration and NetStar will advise you if any special site machinery is required i.e. cherry pickers. In certain circumstances special brackets will need to be fabricated to allow stable fixings to certain surfaces or to produce extra height on a building to allow clear line of sight. These will all be made to specification and manufactured for you.

Within 10 working days of completing the Site Survey, NetStar Technologies will provide the Site Survey documentation which will include:

  • Details on where and what is involved in establishing line of sight between sites and therefore making the implementation of an FSO wireless link possible.
  • Review of any issues pertinent to the implementation of the proposed FSO communications system.
  • Path reliability calculations for all proposed links. 
NetStar gives the customers the option of having us provide a turn-key installation of their FSO wireless communications system (s) or of saving money by handling portions of the installation tasks themselves. Tasks include: 
  • Providing and installing suitable FSO unit mounts.
  • Providing and installing appropriate cables between FSO unit and network backbone connection.
  • Assembly and mounting of FSO unit.
  • Grounding of equipment.
  • Alignment of path(s). 

Maintenance and Repair Services

NetStar Technologies develops maintenance and repair support programs to meet the customer's individual needs and requirements. Maintenance and repair support program basic offerings include:

  • Equipment Warranties - all equipment that is used in the wireless communication system are fully warranted for parts and labor against defects in materials and workmanship at the factory for a period of one year.  Extended warranties can also be purchased.
  • On-Site Training - provides for one day on-site training for all interested personnel on the operation, maintenance, and trouble-shooting of the proposed system.
  • Systems Support Documentation - each system sold by us comes with support documentation which clearly describes the system components and offers complete step by step trouble-shooting procedures to address most any suspected or actual system failure.
  • Technical Telephone Support - three types of technical telephone support contracts are offered : business hour (M-F, 9am-5pm), extended hour (M-F, 8am-8pm), and 24/7 support 365 days a year.
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts - maintenance contracts are developed to meet the customer's specific needs and budgetary constraints.  Please contact us for more information.
NetStar has maintenance and repair support contracts to suit every system support requirement. From RF backup units that will auto fail over in the unlikely event that your link goes down, to re-installing your current laser systems due to infrastructure change or a business move, your original supplier is no longer available to maintain your systems or just does not provide support contracts we can help. 

NetStar also provides emergency call out services for customers who have not yet purchased a maintenance contract, this may due to extreme weather conditions moving the laser unit, human contact (knocking the unit out of alignment) or disaster recovery where a link needs to be established immediately.

If you would like further information about NetStar Technologies Free Space Optical  products and services, contact NetStar Technologies Sales at (361) 354-5468.


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