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    Our Network

    As a Multimedia Communications Service Provider, NetStar Technologies offers cost effective high-quality bandwidth and connectivity that is fast and reliable. NetStar is a leading provider of multi-carrier end-to-end network connections and high-capacity bandwidth provisioning services. With a global reach and presence in over 60 local markets, NetStar leverages its established relationships with regional and national high-capacity fiber optic access providers to deliver ubiquitous, cost-effective, network connections which seamlessly integrate multiple tier one Internet backbones to provide the most current, rigorously engineered Internet technology in the world. Both large and small users of Internet bandwidth can connect  directly to some the largest Tier 1 Internet backbone providers such as AT&T, Broadwing, Cable and Wireless, Qwest, Sprint, MCI Worldcom/UUNet, and more.

    Utilizing SONET-based advanced fiber optic networks, NetStar provides connectivity at speeds ranging ranging from 14.4kbps-56kbps V.90  to OC-192 SONET. Self-healing SONET ring architecture offers no single point of failure in the network, instantaneous micro-second re-routing capabilities, and operates at 100% fault-tolerance for virtually zero downtime. This redundant feature eliminates threats from fiber cuts and other disruptions of service to ensure that multimedia data, voice, and video information reaches its intended destination. In addition, Cisco routers are used throughout our backbone network for core routing and backbone operations. To ensure that packets are sent over the fastest route possible, Border Gate Protocol (BGP4) routing is utilized which allows packets to be redirected via another route if network congestion on the public Internet becomes overwhelming. NetStar also offers Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which guarantee that all packets leaving our provider’s networks will leave at full speed. For additional product information, ordering guidelines, and complete technical documentation, contact NetStar Technologies.