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    NetStar Technologies is a one-stop source of products as the business represents most of the industry’s leading vendors of networking, communications, and connectivity products. Most of our products are available overnight so that the customer’s product needs are fulfilled with one company.Whether you are looking for a single computer or a complete LAN/WAN/Enterprise network, NetStar has the products and expertise to assist you.

    Products Offered

    Communications Products

    • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Telephone Systems
    • Cellular Mobile Phones, Modems, and Accessories
    • GlobalStar, Inmarsat and Iridium Satellite Telephones and Accessories
    • Telecommunications Premise Distribution, Networking and Outside Plant Products
    • Telecommunications Tools, Test Equipment and Supplies
    • Visual Communications Hardware, Software and Peripherals
    • CDPD, Packet Radio and Satellite Modems
    • DSS, DBS, Free Air and C-band Satellite Television Systems
    • Fixed Hybrid 1-Way VSAT Broadband Satellite Systems
    • Fixed, Mobile and Portable 2-Way VSAT Broadband Satellite Systems
    • Handheld Satellite Global Positioning Systems
    • SCADA Control Systems
    • Free Space Optics (FSO) Communications Systems
    • Spread Spectrum MicroWave Antennas, Bridges, Radio Units, Switches and Towers

    Computer and Network Systems Products

    • Intel-based Desktop, Laptop and Portable PCs
    • Intel-based and RISC-based Workstations
    • Intel-based and RISC-based Servers
    • Computer Software, Accessories and Peripherals
    • Generic and OEM Computer and Printer Replacement Parts
    • High Resolution, Industrial and Touch Screen Monitors
    • Point-of-Sale Hardware, Software and Peripherals
    • Bridges, Hubs, Switches and Routers
    • SCADA Control Systems

    Computer and Network Systems Security Products

    • Anti-Virus, Encryption, Firewall, Intrusion Detection and VPN Software
    • Encryption, Firewall, Intrusion Detection and VPN Hardware
    • Biometric ID Hardware, Software and Peripherals

    Environmental Control, Line Conditioning, Surge Suppression, and UPS Products

    • Environmental Control Systems
    • Emergency Power Generator Systems
    • SCADA Control Systems
    • Surge Supressors and Line Conditioners
    • Uninterruptable Power Supplies
    • Power Management Hardware and Software

    Hierarchical Storage Management, Imaging, Mass Storage, RAID, NAS, SAN and System Backup/RecoveryProducts

    • Backup/Recovery and Hierarchical Storage Management Software
    • Imaging Hardware and Software
    • Mass Storage Hardware, and Mass Storage Subsystems
    • NAS Hardware and subsystems
    • SAN Hardware and Subsystems
    • RAID Hardware and Subsystems 

    Information Technology Training and Certification Products

    • Web-Based IT Training and Certification Courses