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    Our Partners

    Partnership has been part of NetStar Technologies’ culture since its foundation. Technological and commercial co-operation is necessary to meet the varied and diverse needs of customers as no one single vendor can meet all the needs and supply every solution in the information technology marketplace. In recognition of this reality and to meet the needs of our clients, NetStar Technologies has developed an exceptional network of alliances and co-operative agreements.

    NetStar Technologies works closely with partners in services, mostly on a project basis. Partners bring complementary skills and experience in specific applications and technologies suited to particular business sectors. In terms of product distribution, NetStar Technologies actively participates in partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies to better serve the growing information technology consumer market. NetStar integrates the products developed by these companies with our own quality services to build information technology solutions that work. More generally, NetStar Technologies partnership approach in both products and services offers major advantages both to customers and to Netstar Technologies.